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Gorgeous German Shepherd Imports!

The latest Imports are coming to the USA from Germany!

Plush coat German Shepherd pups! Bred from the very best for stable, calm, temperaments! These puppies are certain to go quickly!

Currently have 2 males and 1 female. Make your viewing appointment today.

Deposits are currently being accepted. 951-277-0110




Thinschmidt German Shepherds

11111 Spanish Hills Drive

Corona CA 92883



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  1. Diana – we bought Cash (a beautiful girl) 14 yrs ago from you all.
    She crossed the rainbow doggy bridge this past Sept.
    Would love to see what you have now that will continue the GS
    legacy w/ us. We live up in Bend, Oregon.
    Ed wants another female; I want to see and meet some the pups…..
    We had males before Cash and I ❤️‘D them.
    Let’s talk.

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